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Prof. Felice Eugenio Agro

   University School of Medicine Campus Bio-Medico of Rome
Via Alvaro del Portillo 200-00128 Rome
Tel ( 39) 06.22.541.1049 Fax: ( 39) 06.22.541.1915
f.agro @

"Your ordinary contact with God takes place where your fellow men,

your yearnings, your work and your affections are.

There you have your daily encounter with Christ."

St. Josemaria Escrivá de Balaguer



Commander to the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic 

  Full Professor of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, University school of Medicine Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy

Chairmain, Postgraduate School of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, University School of Medicine Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy

  Director, Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Management, Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital of Rome, Italy

Medical Director, Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital of Rome, Italy (September 2000 - November 2009)

  Director of Health Strategy & Business Development Department, Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital of Rome, Italy (December 2009 - January 2011)
  Project Leader of the Emergency Department at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital of Rome, Italy (January 2011 - Today)
  Referent of the Campus Bio-Medico University President for Special Project (January 2011 - Today)
DATE OF BIRTH October 15, 1955
ADDRESS University Via Alvaro del Portillo, 200  00128 Rome, Italy
TELEPHONE University 39 06 225411613
FAX University 39 06 225411919

The President of the Republic on the proposal of the Council of Ministers, by order dated June 2, 2008 has conferred the medal of Commander to the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic to Prof. Eugenio Felice Agro, with the right to embellish the signs of its insignia.

The Chancellor of the Order attesting that Prof. Eugenio Felice Agro was registered in the Commanders’ Book by the number  3106 series V.

The  Order of Merit of the Italian Republic is conferred by the President of the Italian Republic to Italian and foreign citizens who have distinguished themselves for their own merits and for its contribution to the Italian Republic in the fields of literature, economics, public and social services , philanthropy and civil rights.

By Decree of the MIUR, Ministry of Education, University and Research, 1176 No. 2 August 2002, Prof. Felice Eugenio Agro was appointed Member of the Book of  Experts of the  Ministry of Education  of University and research, in Category A: University Professors
In competence and discipline areas

Prof. Felice Eugenio Agrò is member of the Auditors' bulletin-board fot the evaluation of the programs and products of ministerial search for the following scientific sector


sector description


(Life Sciences: Diagnostic tools, therapies and public health: aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of disease, public health, epidemiology, pharmacology, clinical medicine, regenerative medicine, medical ethics)


Medical ethics
(Life Sciences: Diagnostic tools, therapies and public health: aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of disease, public health, epidemiology, pharmacology, clinical medicine, regenerative medicine, medical ethics)


Health services, health care research
(Life Sciences: Diagnostic tools, therapies and public health: aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of disease, public health, epidemiology, pharmacology, clinical medicine, regenerative medicine, medical ethics)



 ORGANIZATIONS MEMBER Italian Medical Council
  S.I.A.A.R.T.I. (Anesthesia Analgesia Resuscitation Intensive Care Italian Society)
  E.S.A. ( European Society of Anesthesiology ) 

S.A.M. ( Society of Airway Management)

  Journal of Clinical Anesthesiology
  Canadian Journal of Anesthesia
  European Journal of Emergency Medicine
  Medical Science Monitor
  Minerva Anestesiologica
  Intenet Journal of Airway Management
  Interventional Medicine
  Medical Quality
Seeing Extraglottic Device (SED) The SED is a device that provides a conduit for ventilation and endotracheal intubation, a stomach drain tube for protection against aspiration and stomach inflation, and direct vision of vocal cords and laryngeal inlet and permits oxygen and drug somministration.
Mannequine for Medical Training (MMT) The MMT is a mannequin representing a human body, anatomically particularized, adult aged and real sized with real motions. Special care is posed in selecting the materials in order to resemble the antural texture of human tissues. The aim of the mannequin is to allow the acquisition of medical skills in the field of pain management (peripheral anaesthesia techmiques, vessels cannulation, port-a-cath implantation) through interchangeable modules actin endless anatomical variabilities ("drawers")
Anti Sleep Glasses (ASG) The device consists of a pair of glasses (with neutral, graduated or darkened lenses) on which a sensor, a battery and an electrode are implanted at the level of both arms. The sensor can detect the movements of the eye blink, considering the frequency of opening and closing of the upper eyelid. The battery, once receives the pulse from the sensor, sends the energy needed to the electrodes of the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) which are widely used in pain therapy and gives a download on the parietal area of the skull that is able to awaken the driver, making possible for him to reach the nearest resting point.
Alcohol Detector Glasses (ADG)

The present invention consists of a pair glasses implemented with breath alcohol detector placed above or inside the nose, a data processing system, a transcutaneous neurostimulation circuit connected to be positioned preferably in the end of the arm and a power supply system located in the terminal region of the controlateral arm.The purpose  of this device is to provide a security system for the individual who drives a vehicle having taking alcohol and/or spirits.

Tracheotomy Tube (TT) The present invention is a device that provides a conduit for ventilation and airway protection. It allows to preserve the intubation of the trachea in patients with percutaneous tracheostomy until tracheotomy pipe placement. It assure appropriate oxygenation and protection of the posterior wall of the trachea; it prevents injury (even the heaviest); it allows  tracheoscopic vision passing the optical fiber through the conduit for ventilation; it assures ventilation and airway protection untilò the end of the surgical procedure.
Sodium 2-Mercaptoethane Sulphonate for use in the treatment of the lumbar pain The present invention consists in the treatment of low back pain with sodium 2-mercaptoethanesulphonate for epidural use in the treatment of Failure Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)

Edited Medical Books

Author F. Agrò - "The Semiology of pain" part two, 1997 
Author F. Agrò - "Pain in cranioencephalic neurotraumatology", 1998
Author F. Agrò - "Pain in cranioencephalic neurotraumatology" part two, 1999
Author F. Agrò - "Urgenze ed emergenze medico-chirurgiche", 2000
Author F. Agrò - "Pain in orthopedy" , 2001
Author F. Agrò - "Pain: Bioethics and Medicine", 2003 
Editor F. Agrò - "Body Fluid Management: From Physiology to Therapy", Springer, 2012
Translated Medical Books 7
"Anaesthesia & uncommon diseases" - J. Benumof - W.B. Saunders Company 
"The laryngeal mask airway: a review and pratical guide" - J. Brimacombe, A. Brain - W.B. Saunders Company
"The difficult of tracheal intubation" - Latto, Vaughan - W.B. Saunders Company
 "Current Therapy" Conn's - R.A. Rakel
"Atlas of interventional pain management" - S.D. Waldman - W.B. Saunders Company
 " Complication in anesthesia" - J.L. Lee - W.B. Saunders Company
"Critical Care Notes: Clinical Pocket Guide" - J. Jones, B. Fix - F.A. Davis Company
Edited Books' Chapters
Author: F. Agrò - Chapter 10 - Airway management (pp. 91-104), "Topics in Anaesthesia and Critical Care" : Trauma operative procedures. Springer Verlag (1198)
Authors: Gaitini LA, Vaida SJ, Agrò F - The Esophageal-Tracheal Combitube (pp. 893-906), The Upper Airway and Anesthesiology : Anesthesiology Clinics of North America 2002 Dec;20(4):893-906 
Authors: G. Barzoi, F. Agrò, S. Boncinelli, A. Morra, A. Volpini - Chapter 22 - Emergenza - Urgenza (pp. 683-702); "Le leggi dell'Ospedale" di A. Zaglio. Edito dalla Verduci (2001)
Author: F.Agrò - HOMO PATIENS - Prospettive sulla sofferenza umana della Collana "Studi di fisolofia". Edito da Armando Editore (2003)
Produced Teaching Videotapes  3
Author F. Agrò - Airway management: tracheal intubation with Lightwand Trachlight
Author F. Agrò - Airway management: LMA-Fastrach (ILM: Intubating Laryngeal Mask)
Author F. Agrò - Airway management: Laryngeal Tube 
Produced Teaching Cd-rom  2 
Supervised Graduation Theses  62
Chairman/Speaker in international congresses  31
Chairman/Speaker in national congresses  52
Speaker and co-speaker in doctoral discussion  42 
Chairman and co-spaker in doctoral discussion  48 
Scientific Oral Presentations and Abstracts  400 approx 
Original Articles (peer reviewed)  75 
Chairman of Masters, Workshops and Training Courses Yearly first and second level master about "Clinical risk management" 
  Second level master about "End of life care"
  Three-monthly workshop about "Airway management" 
  Training courses : BLS, BLS-D, ALS, ACLS, ATLS
Present Research Interest Mannequin for medical training courses (application patent) 
  Force and pressure distribution using direct and indirect laringoscopy in normal and difficuklt airway
  Associated Tecniques for tracheal intubation
  Supraglottic Devices and aerly oxygenation (application patent 25 Apr 2006)
  Mechanical ventilation in Anesthesia and Intensive Care
  Pain Management
  Anthropology and pain
  Body Fluid Management (Monograph printed by Springer in August 2012)
  Medical Devices (3 Application Patents)
  Health Strategy and Business Development in Heathcare
International Partnership The Mount Sinai Medical Center - New York
  NorthWestern University - Chicago
  Cleveland Clinic Foundation - Ohio
  Intensive Care Department - University of Wien
  Hospital Bnai Zion, Facultad de Medicina - Haifa
  Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois - Lausanne
  Baylor College of Medicine - Houston
  Toronto General Hospital - Toronto
  University of Mainz - Mainz
  Biorobotics Labs - Harvard Medical School
Reviews 6
Agro FE, Cataldo R, Mattei New devices and techniques for airway mangement. Minerva Anestesiol 2009;75:141-9
Longhitano S, Coriat P, Agro F Postoperative Myocardial infarction: pathophysiology, new diagnostic criteria, prevention. Minerva Anestesiol 2006;72:965-83.
Agro F, Frass M, Benumof JL, Krafft P Current status of the Combitube: a review of the literature. J Clin Anesth 2002;14:307-14
Agro F, Frass M, Benumof J, Krafft P, Urtubia R, Gaitini L, Julian I The esophageal tracheal Combitube as a non-invasive alternative to endotracheal intubation. A review. Minerva Anestesiol 2001;67:863-74
Agro F, Hung OR, Cataldo R, Crucian M, Gherardi S. Lightwand intubation using the Trachlight: a brief review of current knowledge. Can J aNAESTH 2001;48:592-9.
Agro F, Cataldo R, Julian I. Associated techniques for tracheal intubation. Resuscitation 2000;47:343-5.
Member of the Book of  Experts MIUR, Ministry of Education, University and Research in subject areas MED/10, MED/11 and MED/41
Expert Consultation Website Ministry Education Expert Members
Member of the Joint Medical Committee (JMC) National Civil Expert Committees and Planning Commission of NATO in the 'Expert Area Medical Plans High-level civil emergency. "
Member of the working group set up by the Department of Health of Lazio Region, to develop guidelines for emergency / urgency, in order to standardize procedures across the region.
Member of e-learning CISAT (Italian Centre for Development and Applications of Telemedicine) for the use of information systems and telematics in distance education for doctors and other health professionals, in particular emergencies and first aid.

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