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Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Partner with Medex and Ferrari Driver Academy Riduci

The Health Development Department of the University General Hospital Campus Bio-Medico has signed a double agreement with MedEx -Medical Expertise, Ferrari’s official medical partner. The agreement provides for dual boot, from next October, the program 'Pit-stop prevention ' for the monitoring of metabolic and physiological parameters of  young talent selected by Ferrari Driver Academy, the 'breeding ground' of future Ferrari 'top drivers', also at the University Hospital, there will be sport medicine clinical practice and physical exercise prescription, on a private basis.


"Preventive medicine at a young age - explains Prof. Felice Eugenio Agro, Health Development Director of University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico - is fundamentally Sports Medicine. For this, the project 'Pit-stop prevention', agreed with Dr. Alessandro Biffi, Ferrari’s Health Manager and President of the Italian Society of Sports Cardiology, will allow us to bring forth our Hospital, providing Ferrari’s young talent all clinical services available to our private patients.


"Campus Bio-Medico specialists will monitor the preparation and the physical evolution of young athletes at Maranello laboratories and around the circuits in order to maximize their skills and performance in the simulator tests and to highlight in advance any silent or subclinical disease.


At Maranello, the program will be coordinated by Dr. Fredrick Fernando, in Rome, the project will be conducted at the headquarters in Via Veneto Medex as well as at the University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico.

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