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The University Campus Bio-Medico, established the 31 October 1991, includes the Faculty of Medicine, with the Degree and Specialisation in Medicine and Surgery and  the Degree in Nursing and in Dietetics - and the Faculty of Engineering, with Bachelor and Specialisation Degree in Biomedical Engineering. 26 Schools are also active in the medical area of specialization, a PhD in Neuroscience for the study of childhood psychiatric disorders, a PhD in European Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases. These two faculties are attached to the University Hospital, with Outpatient Center and the Center for Interdisciplinary Research. All the extra-curricular teaching is entrusted to the School of Continuing Education that, through initiatives with the University teaching facilities assistance, coordinates all the activities Life Long Learning.
The University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome integrates the university teaching activities, scientific research and health assistance, and has as objective the formation of professionals to do their work a genuine service for the person, fostering a deep culture of life. Its fundamental characteristics are the centrality of the person in the education system and welfare, the teaching experiment focused on problem solving and constant tutorial presence , the synergy between faculty and their courses, the international and the amplitude relationships with other universities, the business aspect and collaboration with the business system, the centrality research as a primary investment for the harmonious development society.

The Master was born from an initiative of the Faculty of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital by Professor Felice Eugenio Agrò and is the continuation of project already approved by the Ministry of Education, of University and Research (MIUR) under the university internationalization plan (DM 21/06/1999).


The Master is designed to train participants in management of critically ill patients, applying the techniques and devices capable of managing the patient in terms of urgency and/or emergency.



The Master is open to Physicians (II level Master), Nurses and First Aid Volunteers (I level Master), who wish to explore therapeutic care issues specific to the critically ill patient, intra and extra hospital emergencies.



The Master is reserved for a maximum of 50 participants. If applications for admission exceed  the number of participants established, a selection will be perform on the basis of the curriculum presented.


Candidates must submit the following documentation plain paper to the School of Continuing Education by March of the current year.

- Application form duly completed together with copy of bank transfer
- Curriculum Vitae

- II Level Master: € 3,000, payable in four installments of € 750 each
- I Level Master: € 2,000, payable in four installments of € 500 each
Payments must be made by bank transfer payable to Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome.


Bank Popolare di Bergamo Credito Varesino, See of Rome, Via dei Crociferi 44, 00187 Rome
C / C 6950 CIN: J CAB: 03200 ABI: 05428
Reason: I / II / III / IV Master installment. Critical Care Management.


For administrative purposes, once the payment of I, II III and IV instalment have been made, you must send a copy of bank payment receipt to School of Continuing Education


University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome
Via Emilio Longoni, 83 - 00155 Rome
Coordination and information
School of Continuing Education
Ms Alessia Orasanu
Tel (+39) 06. 22541310 Fax (+39) 06.22.541.313



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