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Seeing Extraglottic Device (SED) The SED is a device that provides a conduit for ventilation and endotracheal intubation, a stomach drain tube for protection against aspiration and stomach inflation, and direct vision of vocal cords and laryngeal inlet and permits oxygen and drug somministration.

Mannequine for Medical Training (MMT)

The MMT is a mannequin representing a human body, anatomically particularized, adult aged and real sized with real motions. Special care is posed in selecting the materials in order to resemble the antural texture of human tissues. The aim of the mannequin is to allow the acquisition of medical skills in the field of pain management (peripheral anaesthesia techmiques, vessels cannulation, port-a-cath implantation) through interchangeable modules actin endless anatomical variabilities ("drawers")

Anti Sleep Glasses (ASG)

The device consists of a pair of glasses (with neutral, graduated or darkened lenses) on which a sensor, a battery and an electrode are implanted at the level of both arms. The sensor can detect the movements of the eye blink, considering the frequency of opening and closing of the upper eyelid. The battery, once receives the pulse from the sensor, sends the energy needed to the electrodes of the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) which are widely used in pain therapy and gives a download on the parietal area of the skull that is able to awaken the driver, making possible for him to reach the nearest resting point.

Alcohol Detector Glasses (ADG)

The present invention consists of a pair glasses implemented with breath alcohol detector placed above or inside the nose, a data processing system, a transcutaneous neurostimulation circuit connected to be positioned preferably in the end of the arm and a power supply system located in the terminal region of the controlateral arm.The purpose  of this device is to provide a security system for the individual who drives a vehicle having taking alcohol and/or spirits.

Tracheotomy Tube (TT)

The present invention is a device that provides a conduit for ventilation and airway protection. It allows to preserve the intubation of the trachea in patients with percutaneous tracheostomy until tracheotomy pipe placement. It assure appropriate oxygenation and protection of the posterior wall of the trachea; it prevents injury (even the heaviest); it allows  tracheoscopic vision passing the optical fiber through the conduit for ventilation; it assures ventilation and airway protection untilò the end of the surgical procedure.

Sodium 2-Mercaptoethane Sulphonate for use in the treatment of the lumbar pain

The present invention consists in the treatment of low back pain with sodium 2-mercaptoethanesulphonate for epidural use in the treatment of Failure Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS).

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