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University Hospital Campus Bio – Medico of Rome is a general hospital which provides to offer excellent quality of care in a welcoming environments. The Hospital paid attention to a personal relationship with patient and relatives through a referring doctor personnel who coordinates consultations between specialists in different areas. Excellence of care, friendly environments, attention to a personal relationship with patients and relatives are distinctive features of the medical assistance offered by the University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico of Rome.

The academic and professional training of all doctors includes scientific and clinical job experiences as well as International scientific collaborations with Universities and Research Centre in Europe, Usa and Far East.

Designed according to the most modern criteria for hospital building, the University Hospital stands at the centre of the campus in the South of Rome. It was inaugurated 2008. Equipped with 18 operating rooms and a heliport, it can accommodate up to 400 beds in single and double rooms.

Foreign patients can count on English language skills of doctors and nurses. A dedicate office take care of the administrative follow-up of care services.

The Hospital includes Out-Patient, Day-Hospital and Day-Surgery departments, In-Patient wards, and the Health Centre for the Elderly. In addition, there is an Out-Patients’ Clinic and a Radiotherapy Centre. The services are accessible through the National Public Health System and private. All care services are documented in the electronic data system of the University Hospital. Therapies and reports are available worldwide through safe personal online access. The Hospital can provide high quality level of surgery and medical treatments in every clinic areas. In particular Oncology and Orthopedics and Traumatology are the best practice hospital care units.

The Hospital has a dedicated area to private patients who wish to customize treatments care and medical services.

The University care programme recognises the key role of nursing staff in the quality of the services supplied. The staff is entrusted with important coordinating tasks. Its academic training has always been a point of excellence of the University.

The Hospital is designed as a teaching hospital in which clinical activity is purpose-oriented towards operator training, open to interdisciplinary work and linked to research activities and promotes integrated structure for teaching, research and health care. For some years now, the Campus Bio-Medico of Rome has ranked among the top Italian universities. The University promotes knowledge, an interdisciplinary approach to sciences and research in all fields related to patient care. It offers students dynamic learning experience oriented towards their cultural, professional, and personal growth, upholding the ideal of excellence in the spirit of service.

The University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico includes CESA, the Health Center for the Elderly, which is devoted to medical assistance and applied research in the pathology of ageing. It is equipped with Out-Patient departments, In-Patient wards, an Alzheimer evaluation unit, physical therapy and rehabilitation services. It includes the Day Centre for the Frail, run by personnel and volunteers from the Alberto Sordi non-profit Association.

The top level of the University Hospital's organizational chart is the General Director attended by staff organ and supporting committees.

The second level is made up of four division: The Administrative & Accounting Department, HSBDD (Health Strategy & Business Development Department), The Hospital Health Department and The Medical Nursing Division.

The University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico has a moral obligation to strive to be not only a local but an international reference for research, organization and methologies and this should prompt professional to confront and compete with international contexts.

The University Hospital Campus Bio – Medico looks at the global scenario with a special interest to the innovative trends through agreements with international structures. The purpose is build up an international network between Hospitals, Research and Development Centers, Universities, Medical Providers and Governments where UCBM is able to develop and improve mechanisms and best practices to satisfy healthcare market needs (public and private).






























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