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The Glidescope(R) is a new videolaryngoscope. It is an ideal choice for the first attempt intubation. It provides an unobstructed view of the trachea showing exactly how placement is proceeding at all times thanks to a high resolution video camera embedded within the patented glidescope blade (its design is angulated to view anterior glottis). Clear images are captured by the camera and displayed on a monitor screen. An LED light source mounted beside the camera provides continuous illumination during the intubation

Glidescope Ranger

glidescope ranger.jpg

The GlideScope® Ranger is a portable, compact and durable video laryngoscope that provides a clear, real time view of the patient’s airway for fast intubations in Military and Emergency settings. Featuring rugged, high-impact construction, a patented blade angulation, a non-glare monitor that is easily visible in bright light, and a patented anti-fogging mechanism that resists lens contamination, the GlideScope® Ranger was designed to be dependable in an array of field conditions



Airtraq is an anatomically shaped laryngoscope with two separate conduits: the “optical channel” that contains a high definition optical system and the “guiding channel” that holds the endotracheal tube and leads it through the vocal cords. It has a built in Anti-fog system and a low temperature light. It is a single use device and can be used with any standard endotracheal tube.

Levitan Scope


Levitan Scope is a shape  stylet with slight bend at proximal cuff. Bend angle should not exceed 35°.



Trachview combines a malleable stylet with a four-inch liquid crystal display and light emitting diodes. An optional flexible scope can detach for a convenient ET Tube exchange


Mc Grath

mc grath.jpg

The McGrath® Series 5 Fully Portable Video Laryngoscope is a novel device which allows a clear view of the layngeal inlet during intubation. On board camera system full colour picture single standard AA battery. Caratteristics: No external cables, adjustable size optical blade, robust single-use blade, difficult intubation aid, training aid.



EndoFlex® is a ETT provided of an easy articulation of the distal tip into the desired "J" shape without a stylet, a locking mechanism enables temporarily securing tip in position, and then releasing tip when tube is in place



Based on polyurethanes, Microcuff® reduces cuffwall thickness to cellular dimensions (5 – 10 micrometers). Within the microscopic channels forming at the blind end of the cuff infoldings, capillary and adhesive forces are trapping the secretions and prevent their free passage. Microcuff® sets a new standard of cuff-filling-pressures between 15 to 25 mbar (~ cmH2O) with adults



LUCAS is used to perform chest compressions on adult patients with cardiac arrest and can be used whenever manual chest compressions  would normally be used. The device is suitable for use ‘in-hospital’ care and ‘pre-hospital’ settings



The RAMP™ is an inflatable device powered by its own air supply. By quickly achieving ear to sternal notch position in even the largest of patients, alignment of the airway axes is facilitated and glottic exposure improved. The RAMP™ also helps to maximize upper airway patency, improve the mechanics of ventilation and lengthen the apneic time period to critical hypoxia in massive obesity



Designed specifically to reduce the risks associated with patients handling, the AIRPAL™ is used to transfer patients from bed to stretcher to other areas of the hospital. It dramatically reducesback injuries while increasing the efficiency of your staff because less people are required to position or transfer patients; while greatly improving patient confort and safety  

MRx Monitor Defibrillator 


Philips HeartStart MRx monitor/defibrillator assist care providers in performing quality CPR. This one-of-a-kind tool, powered by Laerdal’s Q-CPR™ technology, offers objective measurement and corrective feedback on compression depth and rate, as well as ventilation volume and rate. Q-CPR reinforces CPR training with each and every use






The Intubating Laryngeal Airway AirQ  is indicated as a primary airway in applications which do not require an endotracheal tube. It is also especially suited as an aid for intubation in difficult airway situations when an OETT is desidered


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