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         Patients covered by the National Health Service (NHS)
The patient is required the commitment made by the doctor, and he has to pay the ticket

         Private or patient covered by insurance
The patient benefits from special organizational measures, paid for personally or through their insurance, if exists an agreement with the University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico.



         University Hospital provides normal hospitalization, intensive care and there is an outpatients department for treatments which can be made through an individual hospitalization, or hospitalization cycles, lasting less than 24 hours. The Hospitalizations are prescribed and planned by the medical staff of the University Hospital after submitting the patient to one or more visits to specialists.

         You can access to hospitalization thanks to agreement with the National Health Service (NHS) or through private payment. Depending on the care needed by the patient, hospitalizations take place at the University Hospital or at the Center for the Health of the Elderly.


H 20-24

         The Diagnostic Imaging Unit at the University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico has activated the service for patients who find difficulties to reach the facility during business hours to have MRI tests.

         With H20-24, the area of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays becomes available also from 20 hours until midnight.
It’s guaranteed a dedicated reception. The medical report is sent home within two days.



         The University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico is also accessible to foreign patients. The project provides the opportunity to associate hospitalization with a holiday in Rome during the post-operative. Campus Bio-Medico guarantees to "medical travelers" an high quality services: from the trip organization to hotel booking, from travel and logistical support to the”sightseeing tour” organization, from the health services to the medical follow-up.



         Through an intensive health promotion, which is valued the importance of prevention, the University Campus Bio-Medico provides health-care services and diagnostic check-up, coordinated by an interdisciplinary work of medical specialists.

         Campus Bio-Medico only takes a few hours for a diagnostic check-up or a specialist visit and the patient can choose when to put it on the agenda just contacting or mailing the University Hospital.

         Check-up can be customized according to sex, age group and any specific risk factors. The doctor will take care to provide a diagnostic path to each specific need.

         Patients can have these medical treatments either at Campus Bio-Medico facilities or at BIOS INTERNATIONAL facilities.


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